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How to use reflective tape?

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Reflective tape can be used for all safety warnings such as roads, cars, ships, stages, and various passages. The reflective warning effect is equally good whether it is day or night. And its use method is very simple, as long as they master the method, most people can complete the installation by themselves. And the tools needed are very simple and the price is relatively cheap. Let's take a look at the use of reflective tape.

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How to use reflective tape?

Installation tools that need to be prepared in advance: scissors, rags, cleaning agents, scrapers

1. Clean the area that needs to be pasted. Oil and dust cannot exist. Keep it dry. If there are oil stains or stains, use a soft cloth dipped in a degreasing solvent or cleaning agent to remove it, and wait for it to dry before pasting. The adhesiveness of the tape is destroyed by waterproof stains.

2. Determine the position that needs to be pasted, and cut the reflective tape with the required size with scissors.

3. Under normal circumstances, you only need to paste it, scrape it with a scraper, and peel off the bottom paper.

4. If the area that needs to be pasted is not large, you can also tear off the transparent transfer film and stickers before pasting. But be careful not to fold it.

5. After sticking, use the scraper to scrape it several times after sticking to make sure it is flat and there is no separation or protrusion from the surface to be stuck.

6. Observe carefully after applying the reflective tape. Whether the color is uniform, whether there are debris and air bubbles. If you can and need to let the moisture in the tape dry out, it can be properly heated and dried if possible. It is best to wait a day or two before touching the liquid.

The above is how to use reflective tape. If you follow the above steps step by step, you can learn the correct method of use. Is it simple and easy to operate, and can be easily completed by yourself, so that you can save the cost of pasting to others , You can use it to pay other money. Whether it is roads, cars, ships, stages, and various channels with reflective warning needs, reflective tape will be your best choice, just click the link below to get it.   

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