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Is the anti-slip tape afraid of exposure?

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Because many customers order anti-slip tapes to be used in outdoor environments such as stairs with heavy traffic or factory floors, they will inevitably consider the problem of degumming, and one of the major factors leading to degumming is exposure.

In fact, the material of some tape itself is afraid of the sun. Once it is used outdoors for a long time, it will inevitably cause the surface to become yellow and brittle. But the anti-slip tape does not have this concern, because its surface uses silicon carbide, and silicon carbide itself is a refractory raw material, has a natural ability to withstand high temperatures, has a small thermal expansion coefficient, and will not easily cause problems due to exposure to the sun. Then another factor that needs to be considered is the problem of adhesives. Kunshan Yuhuan Package Material Co., Ltd. uses acrylic oil adhesive for anti-slip tape. This adhesive is very sticky and can be quickly pasted on different surfaces. In addition, it has good weather resistance and heat resistance, and it will not easily lose its viscosity due to changes in temperature or weather. In addition to the factors of the tape itself, some methods can also be used to avoid degumming during the pasting process, such as cleaning the ground before sticking the anti-slip tape to prevent dust from affecting the viscosity. After pasting, use a small hammer or small roller to press vigorously on the tape to help the tape better fit the surface.

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