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Masking tape VS High temperature masking tape ?

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Ordinary masing tape is a crinkle paper as a substrate, coated with rubber adhesive and made of crinkle paper tape with a certain temperature resistance, but only at about 60 ℃, high temperature masking tape, as the name implies, can be used in high-temperature environment, is a more special tape, heat-resistant temperature can reach 120 ℃ / 180 ℃, some temperature resistance can even reach 260 ℃ or more It is usually used for automotive painting, baking paint, leather processing, painting cover and electronic parts making, printed circuit boards and other high-temperature place of fixing and masking.

Masking tape and high temperature masking tape can be divided into color and natural color from the color.

High temperature masking tape is made of a special substrate and glue, the production process is more complex than ordinary masking tape, so the cost of production is much higher than ordinary masking tape. So there are some manufacturers using ordinary substrate or glue to replace the production of high-temperature masking tape substrate or glue, in order to achieve the purpose of saving production costs. This greatly reduces the temperature resistance of the product, because the appearance of the two types of masking tape can not see any difference, so consumers are very difficult to notice.

In order to avoid this situation, Kunshan Yuhuan adhesive products to introduce a simple method of identification - as long as the side of the masking tape without glue on the lighter for 3 to 5 seconds, and then touch the hand to see, if it is ordinary masking tape, there will be seepage of glue sticky hands, high temperature masking tape will not appear this situation. But in the identification of the time to pay attention to safety.

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