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‘No way to return’ is the way to victory!

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With 45 days to go before the end of 2021, the company took this opportunity to hold a performance kick-off meeting for the November-December sprint period.

In the morning, all the employees of the company set off from the company to the cinema together, and we all watched the 3-hour movie "Nagatsu Lake" together.

The movie ended at noon and we all had a group dinner together. At 2:00 pm, all the staff held a performance kick-off meeting together, we reviewed the performance results achieved in the previous 10 months, the finance issued PK rewards for July-October, and the company appointed the outstanding partners as managers. 

The marketing team signed the performance sales target commitment letter for November-December together. We played games together and celebrated the birthday of our buddies together. It was a meeting that everyone was excited about.

The past hardship is no longer, today Shaohua long survive, the #future prosperity can be expected, for us, the next two months nothing is important, is to work together to rush performance, to complete the annual sales target of 2021.



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