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Reflective warning tape

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At this stage, the number of private cars has basically reached everyone, and the roads are developing rapidly, especially the highway construction has entered the peak of development. The rapid development of traffic construction and road safety facilities have put forward new and higher requirements on highway signs. Highway signs play an important role in safeguarding road safety. Among them, reflective warning tape is the most indispensable component of highway signs.

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Reflective warning tape is a kind of tape that can produce reflection and fluorescence when encountering lights and light rays in the dark night, which serves as a reminder and warning.

The surface of the reflective warning tape adopts unique concave-convex patterns and highly reflective glass microspheres. The inner layer is made of specially formulated synthetic resin, pigments and additives. The glass balls are uniformly attached to the inner resin, even if the surface layer is worn. Bottom, it also has a strong reflective effect. The unique concave-convex pattern can maximize safety. When the wheel presses over the marking, it will provide a warning to the driver through sound and vibration, thus making the lane markings clearer and safer. It makes up for the long-lasting performance and general reflective performance of the reflective road marking paint used in highway markings for many years, and the service life is not long and the construction time is long. According to relevant data, the use of highway reflective warning tapes reduces the accident rate by about 30% compared with hot melt coatings.

Reflective warning tape is also mainly used in cars, roads, waterways, ships, stages, machinery and equipment and passage prompts, and it is more used in factories and dangerous places.

The color of reflective warning tape is divided into: pure green, pure yellow, pure blue reflective tape, reflective warning car sticker, black and yellow diagonal reflective tape, white red diagonal reflective tape.

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