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The origin of kinesiology tape

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Since it was invented, it has a history of more than 30 years. You must be very curious, why is there a very special name for kinesiology tape? I will come to explain to you today! The term intramuscular effect actually comes from the English Kinesiology, and the term Kinesiology is derived from the Greek, meaning kinesiology. Among them, "Kine" stands for action, "sio" stands for process, and "logy" stands for discipline. In other words, kinesiology is a comprehensive science that studies the human body from various aspects. Kinesiology has bachelor and master programs in many universities around the world. It is a very popular subject, and the concept of Kinesiology continues to be new. Research was discovered.

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Kinesiology refers to the kinematics with mechanics as its core. The difference of Kinesiology is that it does not focus on the mass and force of the object, and directly analyzes the movement of the object with geometry; in the field of mechanics, there is also Kinetics, which specializes in the study of force. ).

Before Newton’s theory of mechanics appeared, Aristotle in the West had made observations and comparisons in anatomy and physiology. father".

Going back to the term Kinesiology Tape, Kinesiology Tape was built 30 years ago by Japanese physician Kase and Japanese company Nitto, because the concept of the invention is to use skin-like cotton fabric and its special rebound design to achieve imitation. The effect of muscle or fascia exertion; combined with the kinematics of the human body to use it can achieve very good results, so it is named Kinesiology Tape (intramuscular effect patch). Intramuscular effects can not only help muscles force, stimulate skin muscles to achieve analgesic effects, but also improve circulation, reduce edema, lymphatic drainage and other effects by lifting the skin and increasing the subcutaneous tissue!

After years of experimentation and promotion, intramuscular effects are gradually being used by many sports enthusiasts. The editor also hopes that more and more people will recognize Kinesiology Tape and make full use of Kinesiology Tape to achieve the goals of health care and strengthening of sports performance. ~

This is the origin of kinesiology tape. If you have any other questions, you can also directly click the link below to get in touch with Kunshan Yuhuan manufacturer online.

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