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The Properties of Anti Slip Tape

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The Properties of Anti Slip Tape

1. Product structure

Surface sand: Featured black corundum (corundum, fluorescent sand, alumina particles), Silicon carbide, glass sand, quartz sand, rubber-plastic non-slip fiber, non-sand material, special non-slip material, etc.

 Substrate: PVC, PET, PP, etc.

Adhesive: Water acrylic or Solvent acrylic

Release paper: White release paper, kraft paper and green silicone paper

 2. Application(Indoor and Outdoor use)

a. PET (Strongest and environmentally friendly); PVC(Cheap but easy to print); PP, Synthetic paper (environmentally friendly and easy to print): Recommended for flat or curved non-slip.

 b. Anti slip tape with luminous or fluorescent: It is recommended for safe passage of stairs for buildings and high-rise buildings.  

Of course, the substrate material and thickness are different, and the strength and wear resistance of the product are different. 



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