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The use of anti slip tape in life and school

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Anti slip tape often appears on the stairs of shopping malls, sometimes on the railings or stairs of the subway, and sometimes in the factory workshop area.

In fact, you can see it in schools. For example, children in kindergarten are young, walk unsteadily, and fall easily. Although most kindergartens are not built high, they are basically three-story buildings, so teachers will stick non-slip tape on the stairs and some slippery floors; primary and secondary schools are when children are energetic. Usually in the classroom is jumping and jumping, the corridor is running, so these schools also attach great importance to anti-skid. In addition to the stairs and outside the classroom, some non-slip tapes will be attached to the canteens of primary and secondary schools to ensure the safety of children's studies.

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In our lives, non-slip tape will also produce some small coups. Many girls make squeaking high heels when wearing high heels, which can be embarrassing sometimes. At this time, we can wipe the sole of the shoe clean and cut the anti slip tape according to the required shape. After pasting the non-slip tape, it can play a role of silencer and anti-slip. It's really a kill two birds with one stone, a pleasant trip. Most of the decoration nowadays is made of ceramic tiles, and the chair will make a harsh sound. You can also cut and paste the anti-skid tape on the chair leg, and it also has the function of silencer and anti-skid.

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