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The use of anti-slip tape in the home

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As a product of modern people's safety awareness, anti-slip tape has gradually changed from the special tape used in factories and enterprises to ordinary tape that can also be used in daily life. So where exactly can you use anti-slip tape in your home? Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd. will answer for you.

The most common place for anti-slip tape used in the home is the stairs. As a place where are relatively easy to slip and fall, most people must first want to do anti-skid treatment. Moreover, the surface of the stair steps is narrow, some anti-slip tapes are neatly attached without affecting the overall appearance. The anti-slip tape with luminous strips can be used on the stairs, the luminous effect is beautiful and it can also increase the visibility at night.

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Another place is the bathroom. The floor material of the bathroom is usually ceramic tiles. Although some tiles use surface patterns to increase the anti-slip coefficient, they still have a small effect. The best choice is to use anti-slip tape. Some people may worry about whether the wet floor of the bathroom will prevent the tape from sticking. In fact, let the ground keep dry for about 24 hours when the tape is first applied, and the tape will be sticky firmly into the ground. If you have a bathtub in the bathroom, you can also use some anti-slip tape on the bottom of the bathtub. In the bathroom, you can choose white anti-slip tape, which is more beautiful and not obtrusive.

In addition to the use of anti-slip tape on a large area, the corners of the home can also be pasted. For example, the bottoms of washing machines and refrigerators, the corners of tables and shoe racks, and even the bottoms of flower pots can also be used appropriately to increase safety. There are also places such as spatula handles that are often exposed to water and oil, bathroom door handles, faucet switches, etc., so that your hands are not easy to slip.


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