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Visited Wurth China

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Cooperative partner :  Wurth China

Cooperative products:  reflective tape, anti-slip tape

Cooperation time    :  2018

Partner introduction  : The Würth Group entered China in 1994 and established its first sales company in China as a foundation in this country. Now Würth China has developed into a dynamic business entity of the Würth Group. Their Headquarter Office is located in Shanghai with an office area of more than 4,000 square meters, including an advanced training center for the divisions - Auto Aftermarket, MRO, Construction, Wood, and Transportation. Their branch offices all over China to provide timely sales of high-quality chemicals, tools, PPE, material processing, anchors, fasteners, and our ORSY system solutions.


Cooperation details  : Our company and Wurth China met at the exhibition and they were very interested in our products. We exchanged business cards at the exhibition. After the exhibition, we got in touch with them through a business card. After our sincere introduction and unremitting efforts, Worth China put forward the idea of cooperating with us. After visiting our factory, sample room and laboratory in person, they finally decided to order reflective tape and anti-slip tape from us, and reached a cooperation with us. After the initial cooperation, Würth China confirmed the quality of our products and decided to continue to maintain a cooperative relationship with us. So far, we have maintained a cooperative relationship with each other for three years.

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