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What do you use anti slip tape for?

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Anti slip tape is a kind of anti-slip performance that can prevent falls and fall accidents. It can be said to be very widely used and can be used in many places. It is also loved by the majority of users. As a buyer, what do you use anti slip tape for?

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Anti slip tape tape usage:

  • Anti slip tape can be applied to ordinary stairwells. Even in ordinary stairwells, in order to prevent people from slipping while walking, it is best to use it to achieve a non-slip effect. Especially in the stairwells of schools, you should pay more attention to the use of this tape. There are many people walking in the stairwells of schools, especially during school. If you do not use anti-slip tape to take precautions, it is likely to cause some safety accidents.

  • The anti slip tape can be applied to relatively steep slopes. Some steep slopes are easy to cause people to slip and fall, whether it is for people who walk across the slope or for people who drive across the slope, pay attention to safety. Stick non-slip tape on the ramp to avoid slipping.

  • Anti slip tape can be applied to the ground in slippery areas. For example, in the bathroom area, the bathroom area is a relatively slippery area. People in this area are easy to slip and fall and should be used carefully. Non-slip tape can be used not only in the public toilet area, but also in the family bathroom, especially for some families with elderly people, it is actually necessary to paste the bathroom area, and it is also a protective measure to prevent The old man slipped and was injured. To

  • Most girls who like to wear high heels will have a distress. Generally, the anti-slip engravings on the soles are mostly unable to stop slipping. If they walk on a smooth tile surface, they are still worried about slipping. Use this method to slip and fall? nonexistent. First, put the soles of the high heels upwards, wipe them clean, and cut off a small piece of triangular anti slip tape, as shown in the figure below, stick the sticky surface to the center of the shoe sole. If possible, it is best to cut a small piece of the bottom of the heel. A large and small anti slip tape is attached to the heel to better prevent slippage

Anti slip tape can be mainly used in these places, so under what circumstances must it be used? The use of anti slip tape in stairwells, ramps and other areas is not a rigid requirement, but if you are working in areas such as high-altitude hazards, you must use it to ensure safety. What do you use anti slip tape for? If you remove the above usage, you have other magical effects, you can also click on the link below to get in touch with Kunshan Yuhuan online and give us feedback!

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