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What is anti slip tape used for?

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With the continuous development of the economy, the social infrastructure has become more and more perfect. Schools, exquisite and beautiful buildings, large shopping places, railway stations, and subway stations have become standard facilities in every city. These places often have many steps. And the floor is made of ceramic tiles, which are beautiful and generous, but there are major hidden dangers. Accidental slips or falls are not rare.

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But if you use anti slip tape, it will allow you to avoid these problems. So what is the use of non-slip tape, let us learn together.

In fact, non-slip tape can be seen everywhere in daily life, but it is also easy to overlook, because it is not so eye-catching, but it has been working silently.

What is the anti slip tape used for:

Although indoor and outdoor stairs are often cleaned by people, there will be water and oil stains. If they are not cleaned in time, pedestrians walking up will increase the chance of accidental slips and falls. At this time, you only need to post on the stairs in advance Kunshan Yuhuan anti slip tape, it will be a good choice, it can increase the friction between the sole and the ground. The non-slip tape is not only waterproof but also oil-proof, and its adhesion will not change.

Heavy machinery and equipment are indispensable in industrial production. Some machines require workers to climb to the machine for maintenance during maintenance. The machine is used for a long time, which is prone to oil stains and makes people slippery. Posting Kunshan Yuhuan anti slip tape can also prevent slippage. The anti slip tape uses high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, which has strong adhesion and permeability, and oil stains will not weaken the adhesiveness.

In order to use the non-slip tape correctly, you also need to clean the oil stains before use, and install it according to the use steps. This can also increase its service life, and it is not prone to warping and sticking. When choosing, it is also necessary to choose non-slip tapes with different substrates according to the actual application environment, which is also an important factor for the correct use of non-slip tapes. Kunshan Yuhuan produces a variety of different types of anti slip tape, which can be applied to different surfaces. If you need it, it will be a good choice.

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