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What is anti slip tape?

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Anti slip tape is used in the double-sided adhesive coating process. When the double-sided tape is pulled out from the coating machine, it needs to be led out by a roller. If the surface of the guide roller is not specially treated, the adhesive will stick to the roller and affect production And tape quality. Usually, the surface of the roller is covered with a material with low surface energy to prevent the occurrence of sticking. This single-sided anti slip tape is specially designed for this application. One side is coated with a durable adhesive that can be firmly attached to the surface of the lead-out roller, and the other side is a special low surface energy rubber, which can effectively prevent the adhesive from being damaged. Bonding effect.

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A: Product structure

Surface sand: select high-quality black corundum (emery sand, fluorescent sand, alumina particles), silicon carbide, glass sand, quartz sand, rubber and plastic anti-skid fibers, sand-free materials and special anti-skid materials, etc.

Substrate: PVC, PP, PET, etc. Primer: Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Backing paper: white, kraft paper, environmentally friendly silicone oil paper.

B: Application range (both indoor and outdoor):

(A) PET (the strongest and environmentally friendly); PVC (cheap but easy to print); PP, synthetic paper (environmentally friendly and easy to print): It is recommended to apply to flat or curved non-slip paste;

(B) Anti-slip strip with luminous and fluorescent: It is recommended to be used for the safety passage of stairs in buildings and high-rise buildings.

Of course, the substrate material and thickness are different, the strength and wear resistance of the product are different.

C: Technical parameters

Surface compatibility: painted wood, metal, sealed concrete

Operating temperature: Use when the surface temperature is above 50°F

Standard size: roll length: 60’, can be cut according to requirements

Roll width: 1", 2", 3", 4", 6", 12", 18", 24", 36", 48"


①Equipment: skateboards, scooters, treadmills, exercise machines, lathes and printing press pedals, passages and steps on buses;

②Places: kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, nursing homes, stations, subway platforms, docks, hotels, clubs, kitchens, toilets, sports fields, fitness and recreation rooms, elevator entrances, pedestrian ramps, cargo yards, work areas, decks and other places.

③It can also be used on recreational vehicles, ships, trailers, trucks, aircraft suspension ladders, large or small power equipment.

Widely used: anti-skid signs for stairways in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, airports, stations, docks, office buildings, residential buildings, entertainment venues, etc.; anti-skid signs on swimming pools, gymnasiums, toilets, baths, kitchens, etc. Facilities on the premises.

Household use: stairs, toilets, courts; shower rooms, swimming pools and other places where you need to play barefoot; floors, ship decks, balconies, benches, corridors; stairs, entrances, shoe racks.

Catering service industry: washroom, laundry room, storage room; food processing places (pantry, drying room, washing tank, aisle leading to the cold room); coffee shop, beverage counter, dining room; restaurant entrance and aisle ; Bakery; food processing workshop, slaughter workshop.

Sports: snowmobiles, skateboards, surfboards, skis; ladder-like machinery, rowers, treadmills and other fitness machinery; docks, diving boards, swimming pool shores; locker room floors, shower rooms, and Finnish bathroom floors.

Hospitals: corners; emergency rooms, operating rooms; physiotherapy rooms, near Finnish steam baths; aisles for wheelchairs and crutches patients, patient bathrooms; aisles, waiting rooms, and entrance halls with a lot of people; veterinary clinics and sick animals resting place.

The above is a brief introduction about what anti slip tape is. I hope to help you. If you have any other questions, you can directly contact the professional manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan by clicking on the link below.

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