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What is boob tape

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Boob tape is currently a relatively hot tape, and the market demand will also be relatively high. Many people may have such troubles. What kind of underwear should be worn in wedding dresses, backless or strapless clothing? At this time, BOOB TAPE will be a good choice, why do you say that? What is Boob tape?

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Boob Tape is made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex yarn. The material is comfortable and skin-friendly. It uses domestic medical oily glue/Toyo Ink oily glue/Henkel hypoallergenic glue, which will not irritate your skin, and the chest sticker has strong adhesion , Not easy to fall off. Whether it is worn under water or under a lot of sweating, it can be attached to the body like a second layer of skin. It can also be used with non-woven fabric/silicone nipple cover. The pink silicone pacifier cover is reusable and can be washed after use.


BOOB TAPE can also be easily cut into any shape you want according to your wearing style. It is durable, breathable, and has strong adhesion, so you don't have to worry about peeling off. It is the perfect solution for any garment.


It is also a multi-purpose tape. It can be used not only as a breast lifting tape, but also as an exercise sticker when swimming or running. BREAST TAPE can also protect your knees, ankles and muscles when you are exercising.


Simply attach and remove: The chest strap and nipple shield are easy to attach and remove. You can tailor it to any length or width you need according to the occasion. When removing the body tape, remember to gently and patiently remove it with warm water and oil.


The above is a brief introduction about what is Boob tape. The above is just an introduction from the aspects of the product's material, purpose, and characteristics. If you have any questions, you can click the link below and contact the manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan online. Get in touch, and a professional technical staff will explain more detailed details to you. If you still want to order in large quantities, the manufacturer also supports OEM, customized according to your needs.

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