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What is high temperature masking tape?

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What is high temperature masking tape?

High-temperature maskng tape is made of paper and pressure-sensitive glue as the main raw material, coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on the paper, the other side of the tape is coated with non-stick material and made of rolls of adhesive tape. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, chemical solvent resistance, high adhesion, softness and no residual adhesive left after tearing. The industry is commonly known as the beauty tape.


Second, the use of high-temperature masking tape?

Used for capacitor electronic components, tape packaging. Use with kraft paper tape. Also applicable to the spraying project of paint or other ordinary paint edge use; for precision plating of the plated parts without plating cover; high temperature up to 280 degrees, medium temperature up to 80-130 degrees. Suitable for connecting silicone materials, electroplating, ultra-high temperature baking paint and powder coating industries. High-temperature paper tape, used for resistance, capacitor production when fixed and spray masking, automotive baking paint, etc.

Third, how should I select high temperature masking tape?

(1) Wet and dry tension: dry tension is to ensure that the tape in the unrolling, rewinding, slitting, using the process is not pulled off; wet tension is to ensure that the coating on the glue process does not break the paper. The dry and wet tension should be divided into longitudinal and transverse detection, because the paper aspect ratio of different manufacturers varies greatly, we are exposed to the large aspect ratio can reach 3.2, while the small only 1.2. longitudinal tension is often more important, but the transverse tension is too small will also affect the use.

(2) Impermeability: when coated with water-based adhesive or solvent-based adhesive, the adhesive can not penetrate to the back. We have encountered this situation, after coating the adhesive penetration to the coating roller, mainly because the paper impermeability treatment is not done. Can be first in the laboratory impermeability experiments, the coated glue drops to the coated surface of the coated paper, observe the penetration of the back side.

(3) The absorption of the gum liquid: that is, to ensure that the paper surface can be coated with a certain thickness of the gum layer. Some papers are over or improperly treated due to impermeable treatment or waterproof treatment, resulting in poor absorption of gum, and when passing through the scraper or scraper, the gum is easily taken away and cannot reach a certain amount of gum.

(4) Temperature resistance: For high-temperature beauty tape, the temperature resistance of the base paper is also important. Many American paper in high temperature conditions. The paper is prone to yellowing, brittle and hard, and easy to open or warp during use, affecting its use. The paper has different temperature resistance levels, room temperature type of temperature resistance in 80 ℃ or less; medium temperature type of temperature resistance in 80 ℃ a 120 ℃; high temperature type of temperature resistance in 120 ℃ a 1 80 ℃. To choose the right temperature resistance level according to the use of tape and the conditions of use, you can do the temperature resistance test before purchase.

(5) softness: the tape is generally used to wrap, wrap, to achieve good adhesion with the sticky surface, the base paper must be soft, softness can be felt through the hand.

The above is a brief introduction to what is high temperature resistant masking tape? What is the use of high temperature masking tape? And how should I select the high temperature resistant masking tape? I believe that through the simple introduction, we have a simple understanding of high temperature masking tape, high temperature masking tape in life is also quite a wide range of applications, you can refer to the selection of high temperature paper methods introduced above, well, I introduced here, I hope that the simple introduction to you can help.

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