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What is kinesiology tape good for

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Kinesiology tape is an upstart on the sports field. Its name is derived from English [kinesiology]. After Japanese transliteration becomes Chinese, it is "intramuscular effect", and the direct English translation is "functional tape". This tape is more flexible than the white ahlete taping used by traditional athletes. It is made of a soft, breathable and elastic cotton cloth combined with a corrugated acrylic low-sensitive adhesive. It can have 140% elasticity under tension, which can meet the requirements of flexibility and comfort during exercise. So let me take a lookwhat is kinesiology tape good for.

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      What is kinesiology tape good for?

The original intention of the kinesiology tape is to use the viscoelastic properties and mechanical direction of the patch to affect the direction of the skin, increase the gap between the skin and muscles, promote blood and lymph circulation, and reduce inflammation and pain.

Can sports injuries be prevented? Improve muscle strength and joint mobility?

In a recent study published in sports medicine, the most influential journal of sports medicine, scientists conducted a meta-analysis of 97 articles related to intramuscular tape and found that: there is not enough evidence that sports tape is superior to other traditional tapes.

It has a small effect in improving muscle strength and joint mobility, but it still needs more evidence to support it.

Can reduce pain? Improve inflammation and eliminate edema?

Many studies have found that intramuscular effect sheet has a relieving effect on the pain of chronic low back pain and acute neck injury. However, the mechanism of pain relief and the long-term therapeutic effect have not been reported in depth.

As for the elimination of edema, no consensus has been reached.

Most likely the "placebo effect"

Since the essential role of kinesiology tape cannot be determined, why do athletes of all categories like to use it?

In fact, this is the same as Nadal grasping shorts and trimming his hair before serving, and Ronaldo applying wax, it will not have any effect on sports performance, but it has a great psychological effect.

You know, for top athletes, confidence is more important than gold! If athletes believe that athletic skill tape can reduce pain and prevent injury, then it is a panacea!

Behind the more than 10,000 athletes entering the game, there are more than 10,000 stories of painful efforts, countless injuries and patience.

Everyone enjoy the game more and give them applause. As for the results, everyone standing on the field has already won the gold medal in life.

About the benefits of kinesiology tape, I’m sharing it here. I hope you can get the answers you want to know. If you have any questions, you can also directly click on the link below to get in touch with the manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan online , Professional technicians will give you more professional answers.

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