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what is nano tape

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Nano tape is a very popular product, and the search interest on the Internet is also very high, but if users who have not used this tape do not know it very well, let us take a look at what is nano tape!

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Nano tape is made of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive and has excellent viscoelasticity. Effectively dissipate energy and disperse stress. Fully airtight pores, colloidal structure can effectively block water, vapor, and can achieve sealing while bonding. High transparency, can replace screws and rivets, sticking will not cause damage to jewelry. Adopting the new technology of nanotechnology, it can be reused, has no residual glue, and does not leave marks. It is called "magic tape".

In our lives, small hooks are everywhere. Either they are very ugly, they are not easy to use, they can’t stick, or they’re too strong to take them off.

It looks no different from our ordinary adhesive tape. In order to get rid of the troubles caused by unreliable hooks, after repeated tests and improvements, it not only does not damage the attachment surface, but also has ultra-high viscosity, and is a nano material that is arbitrarily tailored. Change the dressing without changing the soup.

The densely distributed surface of the material has a large number of nano-scale micropores, so that the tape has a super adsorption force, and it can easily adhere to the surface of various objects. It is somewhat similar to double-sided tape. It can be used repeatedly and is more viscous. And it can be tailored arbitrarily according to the size of the object!

The difference between nano tape and ordinary double-sided tape is that it is transparent and does not affect the appearance of the article. It has a certain thickness and does not stick to the hands. It is very stretchable and can be stretched for a long time, and it is not sticky. It is easy to clean up after tearing off the traces of the objects. If we are afraid that there will be traces when we use the hook, we can paste a piece of nano glue on the hook and use it.

A roll of tape can be used in different places, and the price is very high. Have you got such a good home helper? If you are also interested in nano-tape, please click on the link below to contact the manufacturer Yuhuan, support mass purchase, OEM foundry, to meet your needs.


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