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what is reflective tape?

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What is the reflective tape that is often mentioned as being used on top of traffic roads and signs? Reflective tape is a novel reflective material formed by combining the reflective layer formed by glass beads with PVC, PU and other polymer materials using a special process. It is composed of reflective layer, base film, pressure-sensitive adhesive and release layer. The main colors are white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, fluorescent yellow, brown and more than ten kinds of colors.

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Reflective tape in the daytime with its bright colors play an obvious warning role, at night or in the case of insufficient light, its bright reflective effect can effectively enhance human recognition, in a certain light source can produce a strong reflective effect, for the dark pedestrians or night driving personnel to provide more effective and reliable security.

At night without lighting, the driver can not see, can not distinguish whether the road in front of the danger, reflective tape can let the driver see the target, cause alarm, so as to avoid accidents, reduce casualties, reduce economic losses, become the road traffic indispensable safety guards, with obvious social benefits.

Reflective tape is mainly used for various highway and railroad guide signs, signage, mine and airport safety signs, stage sets, name plates, license plates, billboards and so on. Reflective tape is widely used, the surface needs a variety of embossing, embossing pattern, so that the tape to achieve a more beautiful effect.

There are many types of reflective tape levels, and each country has certain testing quality standards for reflective tape, including China's double C certification, the United States DOT-C2 certification, European E-MARK certification, SOLAS certification, you need to strictly follow the standard selection when buying, Kunshan Yuhuan reflective tape certification certificate is complete, the tape level is complete, you need, you can mouse click the link below, and we Get in touch with us.

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