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What Is Reflective Tape?

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What is reflective tape? This problem is not well understood by people who have not used this tape. Let us, the manufacturer of adhesive tape, answer this question:


Reflective tape is made of PET/PC/PMMA material and is covered with highly visible diamond-shaped prisms. The common colors are red and white. It is the perfect color for traffic warning tape. Reflective tape is 100% high visibility, 100% waterproof and 100% washable. Ultra-high reflective tape, reflecting super-bright light in all directions! Safety Alert your perfect choice of truck safety tape. 100% weather resistance, 100% water resistance, washing resistance, gasoline, diesel and other solvents. So it can resist all kinds of weather conditions, maintain good reflection in bad weather, and on rainy days, foggy or dark conditions, will not disappear in the sun.

Our regular size is 2 inches wide X 164 feet long. It has a high strength polymer adhesive on the back to ensure this safety tape can be used for many years. This reflective tape can be stuck to any surface, metal, wood, plastic and nylon. It is suitable for uneven surfaces and therefore forms and fits better than other films.

Our reflective tape rolls are perfect for trailers and the federal requirement that all new trailers be equipped with 1" and 2" wide reflective safety tape that extends the trailer along the sides and rear to make heavy trailers more visible to other drivers to increase awareness on the road and reduce unnecessary accidents. Designed for the trucking industry, the reflective safety and eye-catching tape is also suitable for tractors and other agricultural equipment, ATVs, camper vans and RVS, water buoys, private boats, mailboxes, trash cans and anything requiring improved visibility.

As our reflective tape is extremely adhesive, please ensure that the surface you want to paste is dry and clean to extend the service life of the tape. If you want to know the correct way to paste reflective tape, you can also click the link below with the mouse, online contact with us.


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