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What Is Shower Anti Slip Tape?

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We all know that the bathroom anti-slip problem has always been to focus on, many modern families are old and young, in order to avoid slipping, many people choose not to install tile flooring when renovating the bathroom, which is not only to save money, but also to take into account the level of anti-slip.

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However, the ground is not tiled, the general building, the floor of the rough room is deeper, if filled through the cement, there will be water problems, the bathroom if the water situation, not only easy to slip, and long-term moisture is easy to penetrate downstairs, resulting in moldy walls or ceilings downstairs.

In order to solve this problem well, you need to take some way to deal with, for example, you can use anti slip tape, non-slip tiles, anti-corrosion wood, cobblestone and other floor materials. You can have doubts about the anti-slip tape, common surface with sand layer, applied in the bathroom directly in contact with human skin, will rub the skin bleeding, is not suitable for application in the bathroom and other places.

At this time, Kunshan Yuhuan shower anti slip tape will be an ideal choice, so what is bathroom anti slip tape? Next, let's learn together.

Shower anti slip tape is made of PEVA, the surface is embossed rubber particles, the material is skin-friendly, comfortable and soft, no pungent smell, water and oil resistant. Shower anti slip tape thickness of about 0.75mm, the regular size is 5cm * 5m, but also according to demand for custom sizes and shapes. Commonly used colors are black, gray, transparent, white, and custom colors are also available, such as: red, yellow, blue, green. Suitable for pasting surfaces: such as various painted, plastic, rubber, metal, ceramic, stone, glossy, glass, organic materials, etc. In daily life, stairs, outdoor steps, bathrooms, kitchens and other places. In use need to ensure that the surface to be stuck should be clean, smooth, can not have dust, moisture, residual glue and oil, which will affect the service life of the shower anti slip tape. Stick to the need for non-slip ground resting for 24 hours do not contact the liquid, you can achieve the desired anti-slip effect!

If you still want to know the other problems of shower anti slip tape, you can contact us online by clicking the link below, Yuhuan is committed to the research and development and production of adhesive tape for 16 years, the degree of professionalism is beyond doubt.

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