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What is solas reflective tape?

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Boats often have to face a lot of dangers when driving at sea, it has the same problem as in a car driving on the road, the distance between the boat and the boat should be appropriate, the distance is close to collide. At night, there is no lighting at sea, and without light, driving is even more difficult. Solas reflective tape can capture the weak light and illuminate the way home. Those who have not used marine film may not know much about what is solas marine reflective tape? Let's learn more about it next.

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Solas reflective tape, is a novel reflective material formed by using a special process to combine the reflective layer formed by glass beads with PU, resin, cloth base, release paper and other polymer materials. Solas reflective tape is a reflective material made by using the principle of regression reflection of high refractive index glass beads. When irradiated by external light beams in dark environment or at night, its eye-catching retro-reflection has high identifiability and warning effect, and is widely used in various reflective markings on life jackets, life rings and life rafts, and can also be used for reflective markings on special clothing. It has a very obvious effect on improving the visibility of objects or wearers at night or in poor vision environment at sea, so as to accurately locate and rescue them.

Solas reflective tape specially designed and developed for maritime life-saving supplies, can significantly improve the visibility of objects or wearers at sea at night or in poor vision environment, greatly enhance the proportion of successful search and rescue of people overboard, has been widely used in various maritime life-saving supplies. It takes high refractive index glass beads as the reflective unit, with a honeycomb structure, hexagonal outer printing logo, covered with a high-performance surface layer on the surface of the glass beads, the glass beads and the internal air layer are sealed in a capsule-like structure.

The above is an explanation of what is solas reflective tape is from several aspects. If you have any questions you want to know, you can directly click on the link below to contact Kunshan Yuhuan online, and professional technicians will answer you.

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