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What is the Best Anti-Slip Tape for Application?

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Whether it is daily life or industrial production, slip and fall accidents and accidental falls all need to be paid attention to, and safety is very important to everyone. There are many manufacturers on the market now, and there are many types of anti slip tapes produced. How to choose the best non-slip tape for the application site will also cause confusion. When choosing, you need to consider several factors. The surface sand, Adhesives, substrates, etc. used.

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Anti slip tape is a kind of surface with sand or dark lines. The rough surface is used to achieve the purpose of anti-slip. The base material generally includes PVC, PET, PEVA, rubber, aluminum foil and so on. The colors are mostly black, color, black-yellow, white, green, red, gray, blue, etc. There is also a colorless translucent non-slip tape.

What is the Best Anti-Slip Tape for Application?

1. The surface quality of the non-slip tape directly determines the durability of the non-slip tape. After the sand particles fall off, the non-slip tape will be useless, so this is very important. When choosing, we must try to buy. Choosing a brand is also a guarantee of quality, such as Kunshan Yuhuan.

2. Concealed anti slip tape is generally used in the bathroom or bathtub. It uses PEVA base material, which is relatively soft and has rubber particles on the surface, which will not hurt the skin. It will not affect hygiene and cleanliness.

3. Aluminum foil non-slip tape uses aluminum foil as the base material and is used on uneven floors indoors and outdoors. The good flexibility of the metal makes it easier to stick to the ground and ensure its use effect.

4. The black and yellow anti-skid tape has a warning effect. Other colors can be selected according to the ground conditions or colorless.

Application scope of non-slip tape

1. Stairs. Buildings, restaurants, scenic spots and other places. Stair steps generally have a width of 30cm, which determines that the contact area between the shoe and the ground will be small, and the friction will inevitably be much smaller. If there is water on the ground, it will easily slip. The surface roughness of the non-slip tape solves this problem well. In addition, the diversity of colors also contributes to the integrity of the ground decoration.

2. Ramps. This situation is generally in places such as underground passages, garages, hospitals, scenic spots or barrier-free passages. These places are generally not steep, but long. According to the new building standards of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the friction coefficient of the ramp must be higher than the plane friction coefficient of 0.2, and it is qualified if it reaches 0.7 or more. Once there is water or rain, the risk factor in these places is still relatively high.

3. In front of the door and within 20 meters of the door. It is easy to slip in these places on rainy and snowy days. Because of the psychological effect, the vigilance in these places is the smallest, so it is the most likely to slip.

4. Toilet, bathroom. This kind of place is easy to accumulate water, and will slip if you are not paying attention. The non-slip mat is alive, it does not stick to the ground well, and there is a risk of slipping.

On how to choose anti-slip tape, I will introduce it here. Kunshan Yuhuan anti slip tape has a wide variety of types and a wide range of applications. You can choose according to your needs.

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