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What Is The Difference Between High Temperature Tape And Ordinary Tape?

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High temperature masking tape and ordinary masking tape belong to a unified category, the general properties of the same, but the specific characteristics, uses and prices, etc. have the essence of the distinction. And most occasions the application of ordinary masking tape is no substitute for high-temperature tape, so what is the difference between high temperature tape and ordinary tape?


  1, High temperature performance is different

  High-temperature tape has high temperature resistance, even if the operating environment reaches 260 ° C, can still be used, but the ordinary masking tape can only be used in the normal indoor temperature, high-temperature use is prone to danger, and the loss of the original adhesion.

  2, Different temperature resistance time

  High-temperature aesthetic tape can persist in high-temperature environments for a long time because of its characteristics. But the ordinary masking can only last for a few minutes at high temperatures, so there is a clear difference in temperature resistance time.

  3, The use of different occasions

  The ordinary beauty tape is used to paste the auxiliary, such as home seam, or tile paste, etc.. And high-temperature tape is suitable for baking, painting, electricity, gold plating, chassis manufacturing and other industries, usually high-temperature operation assistance.

  4, Different fusibility

  Ordinary American masking tape in high-temperature operation, it is likely to chemical reaction, that is, over time will dissolve. But the high-temperature American masking tape has a very strong resistance to melting, completely suitable for high-temperature environment.

  The above is the difference between high temperature tape and ordinary tape introduced by Kunshan Yuhuan, according to the occasion and use of the choice will not be wrong, and the two in the price, color can also be distinguished from the above, please try to communicate with the merchant before buying clear use, to facilitate the correct choice.

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