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What is the material of PVC anti slip tape?

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When anti slip tape is widely used in daily life and industry, because different places have different requirements for it, manufacturers produce a variety of anti slip tapes of different materials on demand. PVC anti slip tape is one of them, so what material is it made of? As the name suggests, its main material is PVC, and acrylic oil glue is used.

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Compared with other materials, the biggest advantage of PVC anti slip tape is that it can be torn off by hand without cutting with tools, thus increasing its flexibility and convenience in use. It can be used for decoration protection during decoration; it can help construction personnel to locate objects or other when it needs to be positioned; it can be pasted in the working area of heavy machinery to produce a warning; it can also be used as a reminder on the subway guardrail; it can also be used in the workshop, The runway plays a planning role and so on.

When choosing the material for anti slip tape, we use quartz sand and emery in proportion, so the biggest difference between them as anti slip tape is the hardness. It is recommended to use PVC anti slip tape in places with low traffic or at home.

The above is a brief introduction about the material of PVC anti slip tape. If you are interested in this PVC anti slip tape and want to order, you can also directly click the link below to contact the professional manufacturer Kunshan Yuhuan online, and the manufacturer will give Your more professional product knowledge will solve your problems quickly!

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