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What Temperature Can Masking Tape Withstand?

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Masking tape is a kind of adhesive products with very good sales volume. It is made of crepe paper as the substrate and coated with glue on one side. It has the characteristics of easy tearing, good adhesion and no glue residue, and it also has A certain temperature resistance, then how much temperature can the masking tape be able to withstand? Next, let’s take a look:

How much temperature can the masking tape withstand?

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According to different temperatures, masking tape can be divided into: normal temperature masking tape, medium temperature masking tape and high temperature masking tape. Generally, the room temperature model has a temperature resistance of 60℃, the medium temperature model has a temperature resistance of 80-130℃, and the high temperature model can reach 280℃. So what is the wide range of use.


Suitable for high-temperature baking paint and spray paint shielding protection on the surface of automobiles, iron or plastic devices and furniture, used for capacitor electronic components, and tape packaging. Used in conjunction with kraft paper tape; suitable for paint spraying engineering or other common paint edge use; used for precision electroplating of electroplated parts that do not need to be electroplated; shielding of powder spraying, painting, electroplating, and circuit board (PCB) processing , Insulation of electrical products, transformers, coils, etc. High temperature resistance, high insulation, easy to tear, no residual glue.

If you are buying high temperature masking tape, how do you judge whether it is high-temperature resistant after getting the sample, and how long is the temperature-resistant time?

Because each high temperature masking tape has a different temperature resistance, the staff of Kunshan Yuhuan will inform you of the degree of temperature resistance and the specific temperature resistance time before the sample is sent out. Yuhuan recommends that you test first. The test time is half an hour. , If the paper does not become brittle, hard and warped, it means that the high temperature masking tape you bought is fully compatible with the temperature of your environment. After the trial has reached the desired effect, you can give us feedback and we can arrange mass production for you.

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