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What To Put On Wood Stairs To Prevent Slipping?

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In the decoration for the sake of beauty, the owners may use various exquisite marble staircase countertops, although the beauty is achieved, but the safety is not done, do not pay attention to the fall, children, the elderly are generally walking is not very stable, so the possibility of slipping to a great, then how can the stairs to prevent slippage? Yuhuan today to tell you several methods.


1. Anti-slip groove

Renovation on the edge of the tread part of the grinding groove, can play the role of anti-slip, this may be the simplest way does not need to add anything, but do not pay attention to maintenance may be a lot of wear and tear on the groove line, and then the groove line will become shallow, reducing the anti-slip degree, and groove is more difficult to clean up, but most people will use this method.

2. Inlay metal strip

Many people's stairs will also be inlaid metal strips on the edge of the staircase stone surface, such as copper, metal strips to be slightly higher than the stone surface, so as to play a non-slip role, but if you do not do well, it may also quickly loosen, after loosening, glue is also very difficult to deal with, so do it carefully, usually pay attention to maintenance.

3. Anti slip tape

You can put 2 or 3 anti slip tapes on the edge of the stairs, Yuhuan anti slip tape surface sand layer thickened by 20%, durable and wear-resistant, the use of electrostatic sand planting technology, sand layer is not easy to fall off, the use of a long cycle, easy to clean up, do not leave residual glue, easy and fast installation.

4. Ladder carpet block anti-skid

Some people feel that laying the whole carpet is too wasteful will choose the block ladder carpet, ladder carpet is generally glued to the stairs, pavement before cleaning the stairs, determine the location of the pavement, and then pavement, do not step on it for 2 hours.

5. Particle paste method

This mainly applies to the tread of glass, the surface of the tread paste metal particles, anti-slip effect is good aesthetics, but long-term stepping is easy to fall off, the construction is also difficult, the need for professional workers.

6. Carpet anti-skid

Although the practicality of paving carpet is very high, and can enhance the class, but cleaning is not very convenient.

The above is the Yuhuan said anti-slip way, you can choose the right way according to their own actual situation, this one of the affordable way is anti slip tape, if you are looking for anti-slip treatment, may wish to try anti slip tape.

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