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Where can use anti-slip tape in industrial areas?

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As an effective tool to improve the safety factor, anti-slip tape has important uses in daily and industrial applications. Everyone knows where can use in daily life, so do you know where can use anti-slip tape in industry?

In the factory operation area, anti-slip tape can be affixed under the machine, especially some small equipment. Small equipment is easier to be pushed accidentally. Put some anti-slip tape on the ground to increase the friction coefficient between the machine and the ground, which can effectively reduce accidents caused by accidental collisions.

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Next is the warehouse. There are a lot of goods that are transported in and out of the warehouse. Floor anti-skid measures must be taken to prevent workers from falling. Some warehouses have several floors, so there will be freight elevators. It is usually a trolley that goes up and down on the freight elevator, and the transporting workers often release the control of the trolley in the freight elevator. Put some anti-slip tape to prevent the trolley from slipping.

And also safe passage. The safe passage is usually not be used , but once it is used, it is definitely an emergency. Therefore, it is best to do some protective treatment on the ground of the safe passage, because once you need to pass through the safe passage, you must run quickly in case of an emergency. It is effective to put some anti-slip tape on the ground to prevent people from falling down and causing trampling accidents during emergency evacuation.

The factory operation area itself is a relatively dangerous place, so safety and anti-skid measures must be taken in all aspects. Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in anti-slip tapes. It has different specifications of anti-slip tapes, and can also be customized according to the needs of manufacturers. If you need more detailed information about anti-slip tape, please click on the contact information below.

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