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Where is the road cone reflective tape available?

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In daily traffic safety maintenance, road cones are also a very important prop. When temporarily closing roads, road cones are definitely easier to transfer and carry than guardrails, which is very practical. However, in practical applications, I found that many road cones are very old, and many of the reflective tapes on them have faded, and the reflection effect is very poor. Reflective tapes have a service life, and all aspects such as product functions that reach the end of the service life will be greatly reduced. You must replace them in time to avoid hidden dangers.

Many customers directly purchase road cones with reflective tape attached to them when they first order. With the passage of time, the reflective tape has to be replaced, but the road cone itself is still good. It's too expensive to replace the whole thing together, and it won't work if you don't replace it, so some customers think whether it is possible to replace only the reflective tape on the surface? The answer is of course yes, but because of the shape of the road cone, it is troublesome to buy the right reflective tape, so where can buy the right road cone reflective tape?

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