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Which anti-slip tape is cheap?

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Many customers who purchase anti-slip tapes are used for ground non-slip, mostly in stairs, processing plants and other places. This kind of place needs a lot of laying, so many customers want to buy cheaper anti-slip tape. This kind of thinking is actually understandable, but I still want to tell everyone that it is best not to be greedy for petty gains, as it is likely to suffer a big loss.

Some customers may think that they are all anti-slip tapes, what can be the difference? In fact, there are many places that can be worse, such as the most obvious difference in thickness. Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd. uses electrostatic sand planting technology to increase the thickness of the tape by 20% without increasing the price. The thickness of the anti-slip tape is actually very important, because it must be able to withstand heavy objects and long-term trampling without breaking. If you buy inferior anti-slip tape and the tape breaks within few days, the degree of non-slip will be greatly reduced. There is also glue. The acrylic oil glue used in Yuhuan’s anti-slip tape has high viscosity and can be pasted on relatively rough surfaces, and it is more waterproof and oil resistant than ordinary glue, which is very practical. Some cheap anti-slip tapes use cheap glue, which is easy to loss stickness. Not to mention, the smell of glue is still big, which greatly affects the use.

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There is certainly no mistake in pursuing prices, but everyone must keep their eyes open and not be fooled by inferior products. Wish everyone can find products with good quality and good price!

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