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Which anti-slip tape is suitable for use on boats?

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With the development of market demand, anti-slip tapes have produced many types. There are two common ones with black matte and transparent PEVA pattern. But there are also some not very common styles, which are the anti-slip tapes that customers ask for suitable for use on ships.

The first is a reflective anti-slip tape, which is a reflective strip in the middle of the black matte anti-slip tape. This product is suitable for use on the decks, masts and guardrails of ships, and can improve visibility while preventing slippage. The second type is black and yellow anti-slip tape, which is suitable for dangerous or slippery places on the ship to remind the crew to pay attention to safety under their feet. The third type is a luminous anti-slip tape, similar to the reflective anti-slip tape, with a luminous strip added in the middle of the ordinary anti-slip tape, suitable for use in similar cargo holds and other places where the light is dark even during the day, to remind the crew not to step on the air. In addition, there are anti-slip strips which can use on the sole. After all, it is impossible to cover the entire ground of the ship with anti slip tape, so you can stick anti-slip strips on your shoes, so that you can have anti-slip effects wherever you go.

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