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Why can Kinesiology Tape protect muscles?

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Why are kinesiology tape popular in sports now popular? Why can the muscles be better protected? Let’s talk together today.The kinesiology tape is made of 95% pure cotton and 5% spandex yarn, coated with glue. Its glue lines are water ripples, which are easy to erase and will not cause damage to the skin. The cloth surface is also made of general waterproof treatment, so it will not get wet when sweating during exercise.

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Muscle sticks can pull up the skin during exercise, support muscles, ligaments, joints, etc., and will not make the muscles feel particularly tired. Analgesic effect can also be achieved by stimulating the surface of the skin to excite or inhibit the central nervous system. When the body is hit or there is pain for other reasons, the kinesiology tape will hold the painful part like a hand, which makes the patient feel safe, pain relieved and comfortable.

Where can I buy kinesiology tape? Kunshan Yuhuan Package Material Co., Ltd. can buy it. The product is skin-friendly and non-allergenic. If you are interested, you can also directly click on the link below to contact us online.

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