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Why nano tape can be washed

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Nano tape quickly became popular on major social media because of its high viscosity, washability, and no residual glue. The translucent color of this tape allows it to be used in many places, simple and beautiful without affecting the overall appearance. As a professional tape manufacturer, Kunshan Yuhuan Package Materials Co., Ltd. will tell you about the advantages of nano tape.

1. High viscosity
Nano tape can maintain excellent mechanical properties in the temperature range of -196~260°C, so there is no need to worry that the tape will not stick due to hot or cold weather. This kind of tape does not absorb moisture, is not flammable, has extremely stable reaction to oxygen and ultraviolet rays, and has excellent weather resistance.

2. Washable
Many people may wonder why a piece of tape can be washed with water? In popular belief, tape will lose its stickiness when washed with water. In fact, this is because ordinary tape uses the adhesive on the tape to achieve the sticking effect. After the adhesive is washed off with water, it will naturally lose its viscosity. However, the nano tape is densely distributed with a large number of nano-scale micropores to make the tape have super adsorption, and does not rely on adhesives, so washing with water will not affect its viscosity.

3. No residual glue
Nano tape adopts advanced nano adsorption technology, it is not an adhesive, only adheres to the surface of the object with its own nano-pores, so there is no problem of adhesive residue.

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