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Why Reflective Tape On Cars?

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With the accelerated pace of life now, more and more people feel physically and mentally exhausted, where we often drive at night, when driving at night we have to pay more attention to safety, the night vision is not good, we have to stare at every place to observe whether there will be danger, when you are not feeling well, when driving at night should pay more attention, then in the night driving should pay attention to what aspects it, originally at night our body will be very easy to fatigue, and the night vision is not good, it is also difficult to see the road, which makes many drivers feel more distressed.

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Properly applying reflective tape

When driving at night, if the colour of your car itself is dark, for example: black colour, dark-coloured vehicles, the light itself is not good, driving drivers are not easy to find, especially if it is in front of the car or a van, the line of sight is more affected. But if the car itself is brighter, naturally it will be easy to be found by others, and for this reason, all the countries will promulgate relevant policies, said the vehicle, need to paste reflective tape in the body, and reflective coefficient also made the relevant provisions, does not meet the standard, not allowed to drive. How does reflective tape work?

The reflective part of the reflective tape is made by an advanced process using high refractive index glass beads to return to the principle of reflection, through a post-focusing process. It reflects direct light from a distance back to the luminous area and has good retro-reflective optical properties both in the daytime and at night. Especially at night, it provides the same high visibility as during the day. Reflective tapes made from this highly visible material can be easily detected by night-time drivers, whether the user is at a distance or in the presence of light or scattered light. Reflective materials are the answer to the night-time driving problem of seeing and being seen. If this is a problem for you, you can also apply reflective tape to make your presence more visible to other drivers.

In addition to the correct application of reflective tape, there are, of course, several other things to keep in mind.

Proper use of headlights at night

Proper use of high beams

Reducing speed when driving at night

Why do you need reflective tape on your vehicle? In order to reduce the risk of driving, we hope that you will also pay attention to the above three aspects, so that you can be safe when driving.

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