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Yuhuan people charge, and then set off

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As the saying goes: "Small summer heat, steam up and down cook." After the little summer heat, the weather gets hotter, people sweat more than usual and consume more energy. No, on the eve of Xiaoshu, the butler of Yuhuan carefully arranged a new and unique "energy recharge" for a day. On July 6, all members of Yuhuan set off from the company early in the morning and went straight to the charging base.


There, several colleagues who were usually good friends gathered together in groups, soaked in the pool, and chatted while soaking. At that moment, all the troubles of life were soaking in the bottom of the pool; colleagues who are usually unfamiliar because of the same Like a taste of food and drink, they opened up the topic and talked very happily; colleagues who usually love sports and fitness picked up the long-lost table tennis rackets and billiard sticks, heartily meeting friends with the ball, and the whole person was tired. The feeling was swept away; the colleagues who usually don't have time to walk the baby, bring the baby, put on the swimsuit, and watch the baby flutter in the water like a dolphin. At that moment, all parents feel that time is quiet.

The butler of Yuhuan, adhering to Yuhuan’s service-oriented spirit, also arranged a buffet lunch and dinner for everyone. The fragments of life in the busy schedule, the beauty and deliciousness of the day are all online, dilute all the Yuhuan people's summer heat, the hard work of rushing to work, the pressure of performance. On a new day, all Yuhuan people are full of battery, running together on the ideal road, there is a story of the way back, there are firm steps when you bow, and there is a clear distance when you look up.


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