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Anti-slip tapes, including waterproof anti-slip tapes and anti-slip rubber tapes, are specialized adhesive materials used to enhance traction and grip on a variety of surfaces.EONBON produces high-quality anti-slip tapes for outdoor applications, stairs and ramps. Their specialized research team ensures that the products comply with various testing regulations.

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Why Choose EONBON TAPE ?

Product parameter


EONBON anti-slip tape series product introduction As peoples living standard is improving , more and more people buy villas ,duplex , split-level , and split-level properties . Stairs are the core of these properties . How to make the family member safe up and downw th such beautiul staircase ( peall for e el an hile hs pint must not be ignored Slipping will make fall or scaffoldNo matter it is a wooden pedal , a glass pedal , a stone pedal , or a metal pedal , if it is not slip-resistant , you will be in trouble . For theroblem of anti-slip , Kunshan Yuhuan Anti-slip Company has launched a series of anti-slip tapes for stairs , provide you and your familysafer home environment!

Stair anti-slip tape ( anti-slip sanding belt , anti-slip belt , anti-slip strip , anti-slip sticker ) product structureSurface sand : selected black corundum ( emery sand , fluorescent sand , alumina particles ) , silicon carbide , glass sand , quartz sandrubber and plastic anti-slip fibers , sand-free materials and special anti-slip materials , etc Material : PVC / PET / PEVA / Aluminum foilColor : black , brown , blue , white , gray , green , transparent , red , yellow , red and white , black and yellow , luminous , etc.

Item No.

AST-A of Anti Slip Tape
NameAnti slip tape 
BrandEONBON of anti slip tape
materialPVC film/PET film/Aluminum foil/PP paper
AdhesiveHigh performance pressure-sensitive acylic adhesive


Length: 5m/10m/15m/18.3m/20m/25m/etc.

Jumbo roll:1070mm*60m/100m or customerized.

AdvantageHigh quality/Best service/Popular design/fast delivery time/Cheaper price

Enhancing Safety in the Workplace

The workplace is riddled with potential hazards, and slip and fall accidents are a common occurrence. Non-slip tape, such as anti-slip grip tape and anti-slip stair tape, plays a crucial role in reducing such incidents by providing a reliable and durable non-slip surface. It effectively prevents slips, trips, and falls, safeguarding employees and visitors.

Anti-Slip-caution Tape-Applied.jpg


Non-slip tape, including outdoor anti-slip tape, offers several benefits that contribute to workplace safety. Firstly, it significantly improves traction and grip on slippery surfaces, such as stairs, walkways, and ramps. By creating a textured surface, waterproof anti-slip tape and anti-slip rubber tape minimize the risk of accidents caused by slips, even in outdoor environments. Additionally, non-slip tape enhances visibility and hazard awareness, reducing the chances of unforeseen accidents. Moreover, it is easy to install and maintain, providing a cost-effective solution for long-term safety.


PVC/PET base material is covered with quartz sand/ emery/alumina sand/PEVA rubber material, coated with acrylic oil glue.

Professional grade anti slip adhesive tape

Durable waterproof anti skid tape for steps is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. We use premium heavy duty 80 grit tape which creates the ideal texture to fully prevent slipping.Simply cut out a piece of any size, peel the protective film, and apply the tape on a clean surface. 

Easy to use with our customer suport

Non skid tape measures 4 in by 35 ft - the perfect size for all your needs. Simply cut out a piece of any size, peel the protective film, and apply the tape on a clean surface. Easy To Install - Just cut, peel, and stick! 

Applications of Non-Slip Tape

The versatility of non-slip tape allows for its application in various areas within the workplace. Stairs and walkways, where slips are most common, can be made safer with the addition of anti-slip stair tape. Ramps and entrances, prone to becoming slippery due to moisture or debris, can also benefit from outdoor anti-slip tape. In industrial areas and workstations, anti-slip grip tape ensures a secure footing, especially in areas where spills or oily surfaces are present.

anti slip tape5.jpg

Certificate Download

Anti slip tape REACH2020.PDF                    Anti slip tape SGS.PDF                  Anti slip tape SGS ROHS.PDF

Box specification

NameSizeRoll / CartonCtn / Size ( cm )N.W ( KG )G.W ( KG )
Anti slip tape25mm*5m144rolls / carton45*35*3217.417.9
50mm*5m72rolls / carton45*35*3217.417.9
50mm*10m36rolls / carton42*42*3217.417.9
50mm*18m24rolls / carton35*35*3220.821.3
100mm*10m18rolls / carton42*28*3217.417.9
Packing method : Single POF shrink, 72pcs/carton for 5cmx5m, 36pcs/Carton for 10cm*5m
If you need to customize other specifications and packaging , please contact customer service
Remarkanti slip tape for stairs                                             anti slip tape for stairs                                                            anti slip tape for stairs

Why Choose EONBON TAPE ?

In conclusion, non-slip tape, including variations like waterproof anti-slip tape, anti-slip rubber tape, anti-slip grip tape, outdoor anti-slip tape, anti-slip stair tape, and anti-slip tape for ramps, is a powerful tool for improving workplace safety. Its ability to enhance traction, provide visibility, and prevent slips and falls makes it indispensable in any industry. By choosing high-quality, compliant non-slip tape from, businesses can create a safer working environment, reduce accidents, and promote the well-being of their employees. Prioritizing workplace safety is a responsibility that should never be overlooked.

Remember, anti-slip tape, whether it's waterproof, rubber, grip, outdoor, for stairs, or ramps, is not just a product; it is an investment in the safety and success of your workplace. Take the necessary steps today to ensure a secure tomorrow.


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anti slip tape for stairs


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