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Quality is the difference between success and failure

The quality of the products is a prerequisite for the sustainable development of the company, and the union between the companies is the basis for a win-win situation for both sides. Through this cooperation, it is believed that both sides will achieve a win-win situation, jointly promoting the development of the local foreign trade economy and increasing confidence in the joint fight against the epidemic and the victory over the epidemic.

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Does athletic tape work?

Athletic tape makes it easier for your muscles to recover to a medium state, designed to work with your body and bend with your muscles to support, rather than restrict, this area. It also gently lifts the skin, promotes better blood circulation, and improves exercise performance. They help reduce tissue pressure and provide muscle support, helping you recover faster from pain.

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What is carpet non-slip tape?

The carpet non-slip tape is made from TPU as the base material and coated with high tack adhesive and release paper on the back. It is easy to use, leaves no residual adhesive, stable viscosity on both sides, high tensile strength, strong adhesion and adaptability.

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Barricade tape printing types

Barricade tape can be found everywhere in our lives, usually yellow or orange, with black or white text printed on it, and the printed text used varies from place to place, so let's take a look at the most common caution tape printing methods.

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How to use carpet tape?

Before applying the carpet tape, make sure that the back of the carpet is free of dust to ensure the best results. Turn the carpet upside down with the back side facing us and cut a length of carpet tape to fit the size of the carpet edge. Remove the release paper from the back of the tape and place the glued side on the back of the carpet, with the unglued side facing the floor. Once the tape is applied, press the surface of the tape with your hand to make a tighter fit between the adhesive and the carpet for better results. When you have finished, turn the carpet upside down and you can use it directly.

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Types of boob tape

There are many types of boob tapes, the most common of which are cloth tape and clear body tape. Cloth boob tape is made of 95% cotton + 5% polyester and medical oil-based glue with a unique, latex-free, 100% hypoallergenic adhesive formula that will be safe to apply to your skin. The transparent boob tape is made up of a very waterproof PU material with a hypoallergenic adhesive backing and a grid-like backing at the bottom, which allows us to freely cut the size and make it very easy to use. This tape has very good ductility, good waterproof, can be well adhered to the skin surface, and has a breathable function


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