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Yuhuan people charge, and then set off

As the saying goes: "Small summer heat, steam up and down cook." After the little summer heat, the weather gets hotter, people sweat more than usual and consume more energy. No, on the eve of Xiaoshu, the butler of Yuhuan carefully arranged a new and unique "energy recharge" for a day. On July 6, all members of Yuhuan set off from the company early in the morning and went straight to the charging base.

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Can the anti slip tape be cut into anti slip strips?

Anti slip tape is a product that is often seen in daily life, and many people see it on the outdoor stairs. It feels very easy to use, and it is really effective to prevent slipping. In this way, many friends want to stick anti slip tape on the stairs of their homes, but the stairs at home are very small and don't know what to do.

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Which reflective tape to choose for freight cars

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to driving safety, and many products have emerged as a result. Reflective tape is the fastest growing and most valued product to improve driving safety. It is divided into different grades and standards according to different countries, including a super-strong reflective tape, which is very suitable for use on various trucks.

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Colorful cloth duct tape

There will be large and small exhibitions in all walks of life, and the layout of the exhibition also makes every participating company feel a headache. I am afraid that the layout of the exhibition will be messy and it will not show the company's professionalism. Today, the editor recommends colorful cloth duct tape for you.

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Why can Kinesiology Tape protect muscles?

Why are kinesiology tape popular in sports now popular? Why can the muscles be better protected? Let’s talk together today.The kinesiology tape is made of 95% pure cotton and 5% spandex yarn, coated with glue. Its glue lines are water ripples, which are easy to erase and will not cause damage to the skin. The cloth surface is also made of general waterproof treatment, so it will not get wet when sweating during exercise.


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