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The Difference Between Fiberglass Tape And Fiberglass Self-Adhesive Tape

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When it comes to Repair and Protection, having the right tools and materials at your disposal can make all the difference. If you're in the market for tapes to address your repair needs, understanding the distinctions between various options is crucial.    EONBON TAPE, a professional manufacturer with 18 years of experience in producing high-quality tapes, can provide valuable insights into the differences between two commonly used products: Glass Fiber Tape and Fiberglass Self-adhesive Tape.

What is fiberglass tape?

Glass fiber tape is a kind of glass fiber cloth as the base material, the surface coated with special adhesive high-strength tape, due to the high strength and tensile resistance of glass fiber itself and has good high temperature resistance, so glass fiber tape in a certain temperature range can maintain its performance stable.

EONBON's fiberglass tape is High strength and tensile resistance, making it an excellent choice for long-term fixes.  The material is carefully selected to ensure safety and effectiveness, and the professional equipment used during the manufacturing process guarantees a superior product.  Moreover, EONBON provides customization options for tape size and can support printing and OEM/ODM needs.


What is fiberglass self-adhesive tape?

Glass fiber self-adhesive tape is a special type of tape, its main component is glass fiber fabric, made of special treatment and coating process, with self-adhesive, high strength, corrosion resistance, tensile resistance and light weight.


The difference between fiberglass tape and fiberglass self-adhesive tape

Although glass fiber tape and glass fiber self-adhesive tape are made of glass fiber material, there are some differences in their structure and use:



Fiberglass tape: usually refers to simple fiberglass braided fabric or mesh cloth, not coated with adhesive. Its main function is to provide strength and stability, and may need to be combined with other adhesives to achieve bonding effects.

Glass fiber self-adhesive tape: On the basis of glass fiber tape, the surface is coated with a special adhesive, so that it has the ability to self-adhere. No additional glue or other adhesive is required to attach directly to the surface that needs to be fixed.


How to choose fiberglass tape and fiberglass self-adhesive tape


When selecting glass fiber tape and glass fiber self-adhesive tape, the following factors should be considered:


Application requirements:

Determine your specific application needs, such as building restoration, structural strengthening, corrosion protection, insulation, or other specific uses.  This will help you determine which type of fiberglass product you need.

Bonding requirements:

If your project needs to adhere directly to the surface and does not require additional glue or adhesive, then fiberglass self-adhesive tape may be a better choice.

If you need more customized bonding options, such as using a specific type of glue or resin, or need a stronger bonding force, then fiberglass tape may be more suitable.

Strength and durability:

Check the strength specifications of the product, such as tensile strength and breaking strength.  Choose products with sufficient strength and durability for your application needs.

In conclusion, choosing between Fiberglass tape and fiberglass self-adhesive tape depends on your repair needs and specific circumstances.  EONBON TAPE, with its extensive experience and commitment to quality, is here to assist you in finding the right tape for the job, ensuring a successful and lasting repair.

For more information and to explore the options, visit EONBON's website at  Make your repair tasks easier and more effective with EONBON TAPE's high-quality products.


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