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What is Asphalt Waterproof Membrane

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Asphalt tape, also known as asphalt sealing tape, sealing tape, asphalt sealing tape, asphalt film, self-adhesive asphalt sealing tape, hatch waterproof tape, etc., is a waterproof sealing material with asphalt as the base material and self-adhesive. It is usually made of petroleum asphalt or modified asphalt and various additives, fillers and backing materials (such as films, fabrics, non-woven fabrics, etc.), with good waterproof, impermeable, anti-corrosion, insulation and bonding properties.


Product characteristics

Colloid upset

Butyl waterproof tapeis convenientfor construction.  Cut as much as you want, high temperature corosion resistance.

Viscous force strong

Adopt butyl rubber, do not overflowglue. High ductility and good toughness.


High temperature Thicken metal squares are moredurable in temperature resistance.

Long scratch-resistant

Aluminum surface film wear-resistantanti-aging long life.

Product use

It is widely used on the surface of roof, concrete roof , tile roof, steel tiles roof, waterproof repairing, old waterproof layer repairing, roof joints, steel tile roof joints, glass room joints, roof skirtings and parapets joints, sealing of skylights,pipes,windows sills and other openings, repair bandage for roofs, sealing glazing room, cappings and protective coverings.

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