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Custom Hockey Tape

The custom hockey tape has excellent play in extreme environments from -20°C to 80°C, good adhesion without buckling and no residue. It can enhance players' grip, control, protection and overall performance on the ice.

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  • 2.5cm*25m
  • Custom
Hockey Tape Manufacturer
Advantages of Hockey Tape
Types of Hockey Tape
Application of Hockey Tape

Hockey Tape Manufacturer

With 18 years of experience in the production of hockey tapes, EONBON has continued to develop and innovate new products to solve the problem of buckling and residual adhesive on hockey tapes, demonstrating its commitment to producing high quality field hockey tapes, which emphasizes the integral role of tapes in the game of field hockey.

Technical Data

NameHockey Tape Manufacturer
Material100% Cotton 、 80% Polyester + 20%Cotton 、 PVC、PE
Packaging DetailsShrink for each roll or as you request
SizeRegular size 2.5cm*25m or Customizable size
Leading timeRegularly 7 days after receipt of deposit and all details confirmed
White, black, dark blue, green, red, purple, pink, light blue, brown, camouflage, support customized colors
ServicesLogo printing available
Business TypeManufacture/Factory

Advantages of Hockey Tape

Hockey tape is a commonly used aid in the sport of ice hockey, and it offers a variety of benefits that help improve performance, grip and protection.

Enhanced Grip: Hockey tape allows players to get a better grip on their stick, enabling them to have better control of the puck and make accurate shots, passes, and puck-handling maneuvers. The textured surface of the tape prevents the stick from slipping in the player's hands.

Shock Absorption: Hockey rubbers act as a cushion that absorbs some of the impact when receiving a hard pass or shot. This reduces the impact on the player's hands and wrists, minimizing discomfort and risk of injury.

Protection: By wrapping the blade of the bat with tape, players can protect the bat from the wear and tear of the game. The tape creates a barrier against ice, pucks and other potential sources of injury, extending the life of the stick.

Personalization: Players can personalize the feel of their stick by adjusting the thickness and tightness of the tape. This allows them to fine-tune the performance of the stick to their own preferences, playing style and comfort level.

Temperature Adjustment: Holding a cold stick on a cold ice rink can be uncomfortable. Field hockey tape provides an insulating layer between a player's hands and the stick, helping to keep hands warm during play.

Quick Fix: Hockey tape can be used for quick fixes during a game. If a blade of the stick is chipped or damaged, players can use the tape to temporarily stabilize it, allowing them to continue playing without serious repercussions.

Types of Hockey Tape

EONBON offers a variety of types of field hockey tape, each designed to meet specific needs. Common hockey tapes can be categorized into cotton hockey tape, polyester hockey tape, PVC hockey tape, and PE hockey tape based on material. The differences between the different materials of the tapes are as follows:

Cotton Hockey Tape: Known for its traditional feel and excellent grip, cotton field hockey tape provides players with the comfort and control they need on the field.

PVC Hockey Tape: This waterproof tape is extremely durable and flexible and is primarily used to wrap around players' uniforms, secure pant legs and golf rackets, making it ideal for inclement weather conditions and ensuring consistent grip and protection.

Polyester Hockey Tape: This tape combines the advantages of cotton grip with the toughness of polyester fibers for better abrasion resistance and longer life.

PE (Polyethylene) Hockey Tape: Lightweight and strong, PE tape is the first choice for players looking for flexibility without sacrificing durability. This tape is environmentally friendly and easy to tear, making it very convenient to use.

Application of Hockey Tape

The versatility of hockey tape is reflected in its applications. Players rely on it to enhance the grip and control of their stick handles. Protecting the edge of the stick from abrasion extends the life of the equipment.

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