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Enter joist butyl tape, your deck's ultimate defender against the relentless forces of moisture and decay. At the helm of this innovation is EONBON, a professional manufacturer of butyl tapes with a remarkable 18-year production legacy. EONBON's commitment to quality and expertise ensures that their joist butyl tape is not just a band-aid solution but a robust barrier that stands the test of time.

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Product Description
Benefits of Using Joist Butyl Tape
Advantages of Joist Butyl

Product Description

Joist Butyl Tape is the ultimate defender of decks against moisture and rot. the leader in this innovation is EONBON, a specialized butyl tape manufacturer with a glorious 18-year history of production. eonbon's commitment to quality and expertise ensures that its joist butyl tape is not just a band-aid, but a sturdy barrier that will stand the test of time.

Product nameBlack Butyl Joist Protection Tape
Adhesive surfaceSingle-sided
FeatureWaterproof, washable, reusable, strong viscosity, etc.
TypeSelf-adhesive Tape
Each Roll Size1-5/8‘'X50’
Operating Temperature range -20F to 176°F

Benefits of Using Joist Butyl Tape

The benefits of using joist butyl tape in your decking project are manifold. Not only will you prevent wood rot, but you will also extend the life of your deck, reduce maintenance costs, and maintain its beauty. eonbon's commitment to quality materials and innovation ensures that your investment in joist butyl tape is an investment in long-lasting peace of mind.

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Advantages of Joist Butyl

  • Wear-resistant material

  • Super adhesion

  • Excellent waterresistance

  • Can be used in a Variety of Extreme Environment

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