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Enhance Your Performance and Recovery with High-Quality Finger Tape. Learn How to Tape a Sprained Finger and Choose the Right Finger Support Tape for Sports. Get the Top Finger Tape Recommendations Today!

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Finger Tape Description
Finger Tape Feature
The Role of Finger Tape
How to use Finger tape?

Finger Tape Description

In sports and rehabilitation, finger protection is crucial. Finger tape, also known as finger support tape or finger injury tape, is a specialized adhesive tape designed to provide stability and support during physical activities. This article explores the meaning and importance of finger tape, its role in injury rehabilitation, different types of finger taping for various sports, how to tape a sprained finger effectively, and highlights the advantages of EONBON Finger Tape.

NameFinger tape
Sample time5 days


1. Comfortable and breathable.
2. Various colors.

3. Hypoallergenic to human body.
4. Can be used for bowling.
5. Can effectively enhance friction.
Material95% Cotton + 5% Spandex
Leading timeRegularly 7 days after receipt of deposit and all details confirmed
Packagingshrinked for each roll and then packing by paper carton or as your request
Please see color card
OEM acceptable

Finger Tape Feature

Colour: Blue+Black / Blue+Black+Brown Material: Elastic Fabric

Sufficient Quantity Can Meet Your Daily use and Replacement Demands, and You Can Share With Others

Reliable material: these Bowling Skin Patches are Made of Quality Cloth, with a Certain Elasticity.

You can Stretch them to a Certain Length and Shape, to Meet Your actual demands, with nice air Permeability, Providing You with a Comfortable use Experience, Serve You for a Long Time.

Various usages: this Flex Sport Tape is a Practical Accessory for Outdoor Sports, which is a Nice Way to Protect your Fingers from Scratches During Exercise, and Avoid Calluses or Blisters on Fingers Caused by Prolonged Rubbing

Bowling Skin Patches.jpg

The Role of Finger Tape

Finger tape plays a crucial role in injury prevention and recovery. It provides additional support to the fingers, helping athletes excel and individuals maintain an active lifestyle. Whether it's bowling tape finger for enhanced grip in bowling, volleyball finger tape for added stability in volleyball, or hiking finger tape for support during outdoor activities, finger tape caters to specific needs across various sports and recreational pursuits.

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Types of Finger Taping

Different types of finger taping are available to address specific requirements in different sports. Bowling tape finger enhances grip and control of the bowling ball, while basketball finger tape provides stability and protection during dribbling and shooting. Golf finger tape assists in maintaining a secure grip on the club, and hiking finger tape aids in finger support during challenging terrains. Each type of finger tape offers unique benefits tailored to the demands of specific sports.

How to use Finger tape?

  1. Clean and dry the finger thoroughly.

  2. Apply a base layer of adhesive underwrap to protect the skin.

  3. Begin taping at the base of the finger, wrapping the tape around the affected area in a figure-eight pattern.

  4. Apply slight tension to provide support while maintaining flexibility.

  5. Secure the tape with a firm but comfortable wrap, ensuring it stays in place during activity.

how to use finger tape.jpg

Why Choose EONBON Tape?

EONBON Finger Tape offers numerous advantages that make it a preferred choice among athletes and individuals seeking finger support. With their extensive experience in manufacturing high-quality sports tapes.

EONBON delivers finger tapes that meet the specific demands of various sports. Their commitment to technology, customization options, and adherence to industry standards ensure optimal support and performance. 

EONBON Finger Tape is an ideal choice for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and anyone in need of reliable finger support.


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