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Product Description

Product Description

What is Clear Boob Tape?

EONBON boob tapes are made from PU+Medical grade Adhesive. This tape is elastic and sticky, allowing you to easily position your breasts where you want them to be. We use a medical grade acrylic adhesive that is hypoallergenic and latex free, so you can use it safely on your skin. The glue part is designed with water ripples to mimic human fingerprints, is breathable and waterproof, and is easier to remove the tape from our skin when we do so, and will not cause damage to your skin when held for long periods of time.

Product Name

Clear Boob Tape

PU+Medical grade Adhesive
Clear (Transparent)
1-3 days
1pc per shrimp wrap. 1pc 5cm*5cm tape per colocor box. 100 boxes/carton. 42*32.5*31cm. 10.5kg/ctn
Business TypeManufacture/Factory

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Features of Transparent Boob Tape :

✔️CE certificate

✔️100% product tested

✔️Safe and hypoallergenic

✔️Waterproof and breathable

✔️Feel sexy, secure and confident in any outfit

✔️Fits all breast sizes, A-G (DDDD) cups

✔️Waterproof and sweatproof

✔️Guaranteed to last up to 12 hours

✔️Everything you need for the ultimate lift and support

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Transparent Boob Tape Applications :

Transparent boob tape, often referred to as fashion tape or breast tape, is commonly used to provide support and lift to the breasts while wearing outfits that are backless, strapless, or have plunging necklines. 


Avoid applying tape directly over your nipples to prevent discomfort and potential skin irritation.

If you have sensitive skin, consider doing a patch test with the tape to check for any adverse reactions.

To remove the tape, do so gently to avoid pulling or damaging the skin. You can use a bit of warm water or oil to help loosen the adhesive.

Remember that using boob tape should be done carefully and comfortably. If you experience any discomfort, irritation, or skin issues, remove the tape immediately and discontinue use.

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How to use Transparent Boob Tape:

Step 1: Test your skin

When we decide to use boob tape, we need to perform a safety test on our skin ahead of time to prevent any adverse reactions during the application process.

Cut a two-inch square piece of tape, stick it on your chest/breasts and let it stay for about 8 hours to record and compare the skin on your chest with the rest of your body. Once the test is complete you are ready to use the breast tape.

Step 2: Clean your skin

This is very important! Skin that is not clean and dry will be oily and will prevent the adhesive from adhering properly. Make sure your skin is free of any of the following:

  • Lotions and oils (including moisturizing soaps and body washes that leave lotions on the skin)

  • Powders, concealers or any makeup products

  • Perfume or deodorant

  • Sweat

  • Sunscreen 

Step 3: Measure and Cut

Cut a strip of breast beauty tape that will go from the bottom of your breast to your shoulder or collar bone. You will need 2-3 strips of tape per breast. Remember, larger breasts require more tape to support heavier loads. Inadequate shaping can lead to irritating or unattractive shaping

Slowly peel the liner off the tape, making sure it does not touch yourself or your hands too much. Remember this is a single use product and once the tape touches something, it will not stick again.

Step 4: Lift and Tape

With one hand, lift your breasts to the height you want them to be and with the other hand, apply the breast tape to the bottom of your breasts, forming an "anchor". Gently but firmly slide your hand over the tape until you reach the base of your nipple.

Once the tape is secure, you can pull it up and stick it to your chest, leaving your breast in place.

Do not apply too much tension to the tape when you pull it up. Too much tension on the tape can cause the bandage to pull too much on the skin and cause irritation.

Smooth out any wrinkles and remember that once it touches the skin, it won't stick anymore.

Step 5: Activate and trim

Activate the tape by rubbing the adhesive of the breast implant tape and carefully trim any excess. Make sure not to lift the tape too much, as you will not be able to reattach it to your skin.


  • Extensive experience

Adhesive tape expert with 17 years' industrial experience. Growing our creative brand EONBON, We can help adhesive tape distributors and wholesaler to enrich their portfolio.

  • Competitive price

EONBON has its own factory, our factory covers an area of 5,000 square metres and our products are sold in more than 100 countries and regions.

  • Quality Control

Yuhuan has its own independent laboratory and has introduced a full set of advanced testing instruments, which can provide a full range of services for product development and performance tracking, and can provide 100% product testing before shipment.

  • Full range of certificates

ISO9001, RoHs, REACH, MSDS, CE, CA Prop 65

  • Customisation support

With our professional R&D and design team, we can customise products in a variety of materials, sizes and shapes, and provide customised packaging services upon request.


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