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At 2019 APFE SHANGHAI,we met Idris and his father Hojefa.They are a prefessinal dealer from India,and do many different tape business for many years.They come to our booth,we talked a long time,especially about the Anti Slip Tape,Reflective Tape,Nano Tape.We both thought we will have a nice cooperation soon.


At September 2019,We came to India for business trip,we met many of our old customers,to showed them our new products,also checked if we can do something to help them improve their sales at their local market.But the most impressive thing is to visit INSTABIZ,their company.


I remember that Idris drive car to pick us me and mu colleague,after we received their office,we saw many different tape,and they showed us their company’s history,also showed us many business they done with Chinese supplier.They also told us they have a big factory in India,which also cutting so many tapes.


Our friend invited us to have a lunch,i remembered they called it India Pizza,it’s really delicious,though it’s different with Chinese Pizza.After the dinner,they picked us to visit their big customer which want buy a big quantity of reflective tapes.At their customer’s office,we talked a long time,and confirmed the order at their office.They told me,when we come back,we will received the desipt payment about the order. 

After the meeting,we have dinner together,and after that,they sent us to our hotel.


Since the first time we met,it’s seems we are a good friend,until now,we are really good friend.We have cooperated for many tapes,and believe in future,our cooperation will bigger and bigger.


By the way,my friend Idris Married at December,2020,best wishes for them.


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