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In April of 2019, I went to Sao Paulo FEICON BATIMAT in Brazil

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In April of 2019, I was honored to represent our company in Sao Paulo FEICON BATIMAT in Brazil, The local booths were very hot, full of people. 

But the booths of Chinese exhibitors were very cold, only very a little visitors. So I began to search for Brazilian exhibitors who were displaying our products. The booth of adelbras was very eye-catching. The booth was very large, the layout was very beautiful, all kinds of tapes were dazzling, and the packaging was particularly beautiful. What's more, many of them were our main products. So I went in to talk with their sales staff. He was very enthusiastic and kept my business card and catalog. He said that their purchasing department might come to the booth so I asked him to let their purchasing staff go to our booth if they came.

Sure enough, one day later, their purchasing director came to our booth. They were two little sisters with sweet smiles. We had a good talk. When they left, they took our samples and had a nice photo with me. After coming back, we smoothly started to contact by email, but the samples they took failed to meet their requirements in several aspects. 


So we customized the samples according to the customers' requirements and sent them as soon as possible. The new sample is finally qualified. They began to ask me about another product. The quantity was quite large, the quotations and samples went very smoothly. 

So in July, the orders for the two products were confirmed. From 2019 to now, our customers trust us very much, the orders never stop, and the purchasing volume is increasing year by year. Thanks to fate, let us get to know each other, trust and support each other, went through the difficult 2020 hand in hand, and meet the hopeful 2021 together.


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