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Kunshan Yuhuan and NAKC reached a cooperation

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Recently, NAKC International Trade Company and Kunshan Yuhuan Packaging Material Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement and reached a long-term strategic partnership.

On May 13, 2022, Javier, the head of NAKC International Trade Company, and Cui, the manager of Kunshan Yuhuan Packaging Material Co., Ltd. held a video conference by telephone, in which both sides confirmed the details of this cooperation and let both sides understand each other better, and finally both sides signed a quarterly sales contract and reached a deep cooperation. It is reported that NAKC is a large scale international trading company in the local area, they have their own brand and sales channels, due to the company's development needs, they need to find a new supplier of PE caution tape, so Javier saw through the online platform that Kunshan Yuhuan Packaging Material Co. After a period of communication, Javier became very interested in our products and did not place a formal order at that time because of the concerns of the first cooperation, but purchased some samples as a test.

Through further communication with Javier, Kunshan Yuhuan Packaging Material Co., Ltd. learned that Javier also bought samples from other companies at that time, but fortunately only our products passed their company's test successfully, and Javier also expressed his approval of our company's service and products, and then through in-depth communication and understanding, we finally reached cooperation.

Producing high quality products is the prerequisite for the continuous and rapid development of the company, and it is the necessary way for the development of the industry. Finally, we hope that both sides can carry out more cooperation and jointly promote the development of the economy.


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