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Eonbon and German Fischer to reach a long-term cooperation

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In December 2020, the relevant person in charge of the German Fischer Group learned about the information of the cloth tape manufacturers on the Internet. After screening, they contacted Eonbon Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., and Eonbon's customer service responded immediately. After communication, it was learned that the cloth tape required by the German Fischer has very strict quality requirements. For this reason, Eonbon conducted in-depth communication with German Fischer with the 3.0 service concept.

After many exchanges with German Fischer, the two companies set up a preliminary plan. Eonbon sent the samples as soon as possible. After receiving the samples, German Fischer tested the product quality and expressed satisfaction. Later, Eonbon learned that if directly send to Fischer rolls of cloth tape, the installation will be very troublesome. In order to save the installation manpower for Fischer, and also for the effect of cloth tape, Eonbon decided to make custom cloth tapes for Fischer.Cut cloth tape into the regular strips and make the same size according to the needs of users, which is not only beautiful but also easy to install. This solution is recognized by the German Fischer. 


After 4 proofing communications, during this period, Fischer's procurement and technical department visited Eonbon factory twice for on-site inspections, and the Shanghai headquarters QC department inspected once, to inquire about the testing equipment and test reports for initial and lasting adhesion. Eonbon carefully explained the relevant testing equipment of the laboratory, issued a test report, communicated relevant details, and pointed out the parts that need to be improved. The Eonbon’s sales manager Fu Lini also gave suggestions for modification based on her professional knowledge. With the active cooperation of everyone, after many times of communication, the two parties decided on the final plan. After the production and use, the German Fischer was very satisfied with the cloth tape customized by Eonbon. 

Eonbon’s General Manager Wu Man said that customer satisfaction is the driving force for Eonbon’s progress. Eonbon has always adhered to the 3.0 service concept, do best for customers’ needs and ensuring that Eonbon will always be there whenever customers need us. Every transaction is the beginning of service. Because of everyone's persistence, more and more customers have turned from trust to deeply trust in Eonbon, and gradually reached long-term cooperation, so that Chinese tapes can be sold to the world.


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