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Why EONBON and Baoyedaiwa cooperation is more closer ?

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After the Spring Festival, global materials have skyrocketed, and all walks of life are facing the same problems. For long-term cooperation and understand the voice of customers, Wu Man, general manager of EONBON, together with relevant personnel from the business department, on March 4, 2021,visited Baoye Daiwa Industrialized House Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 

Mr. Li, the person in charge of Baoye Daiwa's business, took the EONBON team to visit the relevant functional departments of the company and had in-depth exchanges on each other's business operations, department management and corporate culture.To be honest and to be self-reliant, to win the trust and to be trustworthy. This sentence expresses the way of Baoye Daiwa's corporate management, which coincides with the corporate culture of EONBON Mr. Li said, although the business relationship about double-sided cloth tape with Yuhuan  is only one year, but the cooperation between the two parties is very harmonious, the cooperation is gradually increasing, and the mutual trust is like old customers for many years.


EONBON General Manager Wu Man was very happy to be recognized by customers. She said that the reason why EONBON's tape can satisfy more than 5,000 customers is the result of the serious work of all the departments. EONBON's business manager Xiaofu also said that EONBON can be recognized by customers,not only because of its 16 years of industrial tape production experience, but also because of the strict management system. Every batch of shipments needs to undergo strict quality inspection by the QC department. All qualified products can leave the factory. Once defective products are found, all products must be reinspected immediately. Because Kunshan Yuhuan’s business philosophy is that only let each roll of tape reach the standard , it can be worthy of the “made in China” printed on the box,and the EONBON brand can go global.

Xiaofu also believes that despite the materials skyrocketing , customers' trust in Yuhuan still increased. This is a test of the entire market, and it is also a test of Yuhuan. Yuhuan will not cut corners in order to save costs.On the contrary, we will more active to make products and services. Only a company that truly makes products can gain the trust of customers.

Through this visit, EONBON and Baoye Daiwa got to know each other better and further strengthened their confidence in cooperation. General Manager Wu Man said that since the establishment of the Yuhuan brand, the company has always adhered to the Suntory philosophy of "benefiting customers, enterprises, and employees." Only the trust of customers is deepened, the sense of honor of the company is deepened, and the happiness of employees is deepened , the company can develop by leaps and bounds. It is precisely because of the persistence of the employees ,the business cooperation between EONBON and Baoye Daiwa's double-sided cloth tape can become closer and closer. 


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