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Sonia with customer

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This is Sonia.

Here let me talk my true story with my customer.

Pol Hawa who is from Ukraine and operating 2 different factories , he looks very gracious, of course , he is very strict with products quality, whatever the factory is located in South of China or located in North of China, he must visit them first and confirm everything is well, after that, he was possible to put the order with the partner. He is very China hand too, the scenic spot such as Chinese Ancient town, The Great Wall,he known them very well; For Chinese Food such as Chongqing food, he loves it very much.

Sonia with customer

One day, James told me Pol who will come to Shanghai, but in fact i had never met him before. However the task was arranged from the boss, and then I had to meet him alone. I was so shocked when meeting him because he is nearly 60 years old, he is still very hardworking. In the following day, i toured him to visit SDK in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. And toured him to visit the machine factory in Ruian,Zhejiang. We are very happy during the visiting , and he realized our best service and high efficiency work comparing to his other Chinese suppliers.

Well-reasoned, he gave us a few orders with jumbo rolls and machine.


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