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There are many types of sealing tape, from single-sided sealing tape, to double-sided sealing tape, to non-glue sealing tape. Its primary use is to seal gaps, joints and connections to prevent leakage of liquids, gases or air. Sealing tapes have a wide range of applications, from rainproofing and insulating to fastening and repairing.

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Understanding the differences between silicone rubber tape and rubber repair tape is essential to making an informed decision. These differences can be categorized into several key areas: Material Composition and Properties: Silicone rubber tape is made of silicone rubber, and the tape itself has no adhesive, but it can be laminated to itself. Rubber repair tape, on the other hand, is formulated from different materials, commonly PVC, PE, etc. This tape has a strong adhesive ability and can be applied to a wide range of object surfaces. Each type of tape has its own unique characteristics and properties for specific applications. Durability and longevity: Silicone rubber tapes offer excellent longevity and toughness, making them a reliable choice for long-term repairs. Rubber repair tapes, on the other hand, offer durability and flexibility, making them ideal for a variety of repair tasks. APPLICATION SCENARIOS: Both tapes are designed with safety in mind, but which one to choose ma

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Silicone self-adhesive tape, also known as silicone tape or self-fusing silicone tape, is a remarkable material that is made from high-quality silicone rubber. It boasts unique properties that set it apart from traditional tapes, such as electrical tape or duct tape. This silicone tape is self-fusing, which means that when it is stretched and wrapped around an object, it bonds to itself, creating a watertight and airtight seal without the need for adhesives or glues.

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