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Caution Tape Information

Detectable warning tape is available in different configurations to accommodate varying depths of buried utilities. The most common depths for detectable warning tape range from 6 inches to 24 inches. These depths are considered standard in many regions and are suitable for most utility installations. The specific depth chosen depends on factors such as the type of utility being marked and local regulations.

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Detectable warning tapes are a special form of pavement marking tape designed to help the visually impaired safely navigate public spaces. These tapes feature a unique truncated top pattern that provides tactile and visual cues to alert pedestrians to potential hazards or changes in the environment. By incorporating detectable warning tapes into urban infrastructure, we can create a more inclusive and accessible environment.

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PVC warning marking tape is a versatile and indispensable tool for promoting safety, compliance, and efficient communication in various industries. Its applications span construction sites, warehouses, public spaces, and transportation sectors, playing a crucial role in preventing accidents and maintaining order.

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Barricade tape can be found everywhere in our lives, usually yellow or orange, with black or white text printed on it, and the printed text used varies from place to place, so let's take a look at the most common caution tape printing methods.

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Barricade tape is one of the non-adhesive tapes, usually with bright colors to attract people's attention and warn passers-by of the danger here please be careful, widely used in warning areas of unexpected events, bank isolation, road construction, environmental protection projects, road maintenance, accident sites, etc. Common colors are yellow, red, orange, purple, black and yellow, and red and white twill, printed with black or white warning text, such as "danger", "caution", "no entry ""Police", etc.

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